Garage Shelves

This is the wonderful shelf my Grandfather designed and built for me in my garage. I have LOVED it since before it was built, and have used up every inch of it. So... I decided to give it a go, and build my own shelf, because I needed on just like this, but a little larger.

I needed more room for my food storage and all my home canned foods, and a place to put all the junk that had accumulated since I started my garden, and my cute hubby's car stuff, and camping stuff, etc. .... (Do you see that white shelf in the front of the picture? That is the shelf that is now in my laundry room as a folding table.)

The first thing you have to do is put the supports up, but what I learned was that first you have to put the cross supports that go under the shelves on before you put the back supports on the wall. So I had to take all these down, and start over. Sorry, this is the only picture I took during the process. After I did everything I could do myself, I had my hubby help me with the rest.

Here is the after. I know, it is covered up so you can't see it, but it looks just like the first picture except a little longer, and a little taller. I used a flat king sheet to make a curtain to conceal it since it is in plain view of my salon. It is a little easier on the eyes that way.

And everything that was on the floor is now on one of the shelving units leaving LOTS of room for me to do all my other projects!


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