Bathroom shelf

 These are some of the before pictures. These little drawers reaked of oil. I assume the shelf was used in a garage, and for some reason, the drawers where soaked in oil. I originally wanted to keep the, and reuse them, but decided after I cleaned them with TSP, that I just needed to toss them. Besides, the cubbies would be the perfect size for little accessories.
We found the shelf at a thrift store for $6. My husband looked at me like I was crazy for wanting it, but I HAD to have it, I knew it would fit perfectly above the toilet, and I had been itching to get things off the counters in the bathroom. With 3 of us girls sharing the bathroom, and not having a real linen closet, I use half of the space under the sink for towels. So there just isn't much storage. When I saw the shelf, I knew there'd be plenty of room for my taller bottles of hairspray, etc. on the bottom shelf. And when do you ever find a shelf tall enough for hairspray?

I then did the same method of painting used to paint  my laundry room cabinets. Next on the list is to paint the bathroom cabinets white to match! And possibly some board and batten. I LOVE the look, but still have to get my husband on board. (Not really, since it isn't even his bathroom!)  And as soon as i find the right size containers for my little cubbies I will post a picture of that to.

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