How to Paint Cabinets

I did a little research before I painted my cabinets, because I would like for it to stay! So, the following is what I read most commonly: Wash them with TSP substitute before you start. If your cabinets are in the kitchen, you want to wash them a couple times to get all the built up grime, and grease off. Then, use this product called a De-Glosser. It takes the place of sanding. (I Loved not having to sand the cabinets down first). Then, to help decrease brush/roller marks, add Floetrol to your paint. And always use a foam roller.

Here it is broken down:

Step 1: Wash with TSP

Step 2: Use Deglosser

Step 3: Prime (as many coats as you wish)

Step 4: Paint (as many coats as you wish)

Step 5: If wanting more of a gloss look, add polyurethane. This also helps protect it.

There you have it! That is what I learned, and so far it has worked for me! Hope that helps, and is simple enough for all of you out there who want to paint your cabinets to!


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