The Girls New Dresser


I had been searching for a new dresser for the girls for awhile. I was having a hard time finding one big enough, that isn't huge, that would be the right amount of storage. So anyways, this is what I found on craigslist the other day. I originally didn't want to spend more than $25, but this one was listed at $35. So, I decided to budge a little on my price. And the paint was a deal at $5/gallon. The brand was being clearanced out, so it was a great day to stop in at the home depot. I also bought a small can of stain for about $3.50 to antique it a bit. You see, I am not a fan of ballet pink. It just isn't my thing. My first paint choice would have been a brighter pink, but with the price of the $5/gallon, I just couldn't pass it up. I am a fan however of the antiqued look, so this really worked out well. I loved the style it had, and the style of the handles, so I decided not to switch those out. Instead I just sprayed them a gloss brown with some leftover paint I had. The bottom middle drawer is actually missing a handle, but I am still on a hunt for a handle that looks similar in design. Haven't found it yet. Also in the near future, it won't be so squished in between furniture. I am needing the mattress from  my daughters toddler bed, so that will be out of the room soon, and the girls will be sharing a full size bed. I think it will look a little bit nicer not being so squished together, but hey, I have a small house, so what can you expect?!


Painting Project 6

Here is a vase I had decorated with awhile ago. It really didn't match anything in my house anymore. I was about to donate it, and thought, Hey I have some leftover spray paint, I think I will use it on the baby's shelf. It was needing something with height on it, so I figured this would help alot. So, here is the before,
 and here is the after.
It added just the right touch I was needing, and it helped with the brown accents around the room. Also, you may recognize this shelf from the post here. But it is a little different. I finally found an owl on a random shopping trip to walmart. That was the one store I didn't look, because I didn't think they'd have what I was looking for. Anyways, I liked him much better than the frog addi had picked out. So I replaced him, and his coloring ties into the brown accents as well.