I found some!

Remember my bathroom shelf redo? Well, I needed something small to fill the space where the nasty drawers had been. They were little spaces, and I wasn't sure what to use. Then a few days later, I was getting something deep in the cupboards of my kitchen, and came across some antique pieces from my grandmother, and my husbands grandmother. I though, "these look like the perfect size!" So I brought them upstairs, and tried them out, and loved them! And they match the bathroom perfectly. I will have to post some before and after shots once I finish the bathroom. It has been getting done in stages for quite some time now! Anyways, here is what I used.

 These little silver dishes (I have 2 of them) are old dessert dishes. They hold bobby pins/ rubber bands, and flossers perfectly! These were given to us by my husbands grandmother.
And these Gorgesous turquoise juice cups are from my Grandmother. She gave them to me in a set of 5 with a cute little pitcher. They are the exact color of the bathroom, and fit in wonderfully. And as you can see they are the perfect height for q-tips. I have some cotton balls in the other one.

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