Apple Juice

 We received an abundance of apples, and with one of the bushels, we made 12 quarts of fresh apple juice. Boy was it YUMMY! I think we are planning on making at least one more batch, if not two.
 We cut the apples in half, then realized they where small enough to keep whole, but that's ok. Now we know for next time.  Then we borrowed my father in laws jack la lane power juicer, and juiced them all. It was FAST!
 After that, the Ball Book of canning tells you to heat the juice to 190 degrees.
 As it was heating up, we skimmed all the "stuff" off the top, leaving just the juice. Once it reached the 190 degrees, we ladeled it into our hot jars, secured the lids, and put them in our boiling water canner for 10 minutes. That's all, and they were done! The process was actually pretty fast. I think the longest part was cutting up all the apples that didn't need cutting.
 We tried it Hot
 And Cold, and it was delicious both ways!

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  1. This was the most flavorful apple juice I have ever experienced!