A little Rocker.

We are borrowing this rocking chair from my parents house. My mother has quite a few little chairs, and she let me borrow this one that was mine and my siblings when we were younger. I didnt' want to paint it very bad, because I like the "old" look it had. So instead I made some pads for it that matched the little table cloth I made for the puzzle table.
 Here is the before of the chair
 Now draw your desired shape size on the back of your fabric,
 Make as many cords as you want for tying the pad to the chair,
 Pin the cords into place. You want them facing in as you sew around the edges so when you flip it around they are facing out.
 Then lay the othe side of the cushion over the pinned cords, and serge around the edges, leacing the bottom open.
 Flip in around and you have your casing.
 Now fill to the desired fullness with fiberfill.
 This is what it should look like.
 Then sew lines to make it look quilted. You can do any pattern you want, I went both ways, so there is just little squares.
 Continue all steps for the bottom cushion.
 And here is the finished product. My two year old who thinks this chair is hers, loves it. She always sits on it and says "Nice!" So I guess that means she approves!
Here is the finished table and chair together.I think it looks nice and finished with the red kitchen. What do you think?

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