DIY Drapes

This was a pretty easy project if you can sew just a little. I am no prefessional, and still haven't done any thing other than simple on my machine. So to start, you buy any home decor fabric. I bought mine from one of the long rolls(I can't think of the technical name) But it was on sale at Hancock Fabrics for $3/yd. So I bought 5 yrds, and used 2 1/2 yrds per drape. Cut your fabric to your desired width and length (depends on your window size) Then get an old sheet and cut to fit same lenth and width of fabric. This will be used as a lining and helps it to me more of a darkening shade.
Next, pin the sides and bottom, and sew together. Then decide how much room you will need on the top for your rod and leave alloted amount of room, then pin and sew accordingly. (So, the picture above was from the sides and bottom. The top would have looked the same, except instead of the fabric folder over an inche, I folded it over 2 1/2 inches)

Then hang and enjoy! Total cost for this project $15. I think that's pretty good for custom drapes, knowing that something similar would cost around $30-$50 per panel. 


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