A little Door Decor

I needed something on the girls door... Just Because. So I started looking through my craft room for some ideas. I had no idea what I wanted to make, but had to see what I had to make something out of. I came across some ribbon (large 6 inch wide) that I had got on clearance along time ago to make tutu's out of. But it was too stiff for tutu's. It is an ivory color (almost yellow, but looks ivory in person). Then I came across this circle that I had kept from a diaper genie refill (generic brand from walmart I didn't like, and didn't use, because it was separate bags wrapped around this ring that made it not work correctly). Anyways, I figured I could use the new clean circle for something eventually. So I added the ribbon to the circle the same way you would add tulle to an elastic for a tutu (I'll have to pot a tutorial so you can see the method, very simple). Then it needed something more. I thought A bird would be cute since the girls room had birds on the walls now. The only problem was that I didn't have one. So I cut out a bird shape from some scrap fabric (right sides together), sewed it together, leaving a small opening on the bottom, turned it inside out (which was right sides out now), put a little fiber fill inside, and sewe up the bottom. Then I added a wing with some leftover tulle, hand stitcher d alittle eye, and added a little beak. (sorry my camera was dead at the moment, so I wasn't able to take pictures of the process. I really need to keep my backup battery charged!). Then i added a little bit of flowers, glued them both on, and I am pretty happy with their new door decor. I bought the command hooks to hang it on the door.


  1. yup...you are so creative! ANd so Talented aND MY LIL SISTER!

  2. PS Where is that wonderful musical deal???? I can;t wait to see it!