How it was done.

Now I wish i would have taken picture of the cans, but I hadn't started my blog yet, when I was experimenting on my freezer! So I will try to remember the details. I may not remember the brands of each item I used, but i will try hard. So, I started out with a primer that could be used outdoors, and that would cover rust and mildew, because I had some stains that needed covering! Then the paint I used was an outdoor paint that could be tinted and the one thing I remember reading on the can was that it could be used on downspouts, and that it adheres to metal (?) but it definately talked about the downspouts. I think I did 2-3 coats of primer to make sure it would stay. Then 3-4 coats of the red, then I bought the rustoleum clear gloss finish. I had painted the words freehand, and then put the gloss coating over that. And that was also 2-3 coats. The reason I had to do so many coats of the red was because it was red. Other colors propably wouldn't take that many coats. Also, you need to use a small foam roller to get a smooth look. A brush would just look like you painted it with a brush, and I don't think you want that. Another paint that would work well is the rustoleum appliance paint. I thought it only came in spray paint, and I didn't want to get red paint all over my garage.
While I was purchasing my clear rustoleum paint, I noticed they also sell the appliance paint in cans, but i don't belive you can tint it. I think you can only use whatever variety of colors the store carries. It was fun, and I have had no problems with the paint coming off. I think it is on for good! I hope that helped and I answered your questions.


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