A fresh Banister

My banister was starting to stick out like a sore thumb to me. It was the orangey oak color that comes in all of these cookie cutter houses (lowest on the line without upgrading). I needed it to be different. Especially since it won't match what I have planned for me stairs, and let me tell you, I hope to wrip the carpet out soon, and get started on my project there. But I kind of have to wait until we decide to afford some new floors. Because I have to have it match, bummer. But it will pay off If I can talk myself into waiting, I just know it! Anyways, All my trim and chair rail and doors are white, and the kitchen cabinets will not be staying the oak color as well. So we decided the Banister needed a makeover. And I really love it. It has a much cleaner look to it!

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