My Freezer



We needed to upgrade our freezer size, and I found one for a price I could afford on Craigslist. The inside was clean (no rust) and it worked great. The outside was in sad shape, and the picture actually makes it look way better than it did in person. It was supose to be white but had yellowed with stains over the years. Since it was kind of a retro freezer (with turquoise, and stainless stell inside, I wanted it to be a little more retro on the outside. I convinced Jeremy to let me paint it Red, and I LOVE the outcome. My inspiration was the girls play kitchen. And since it's in the garage we can get away with having it Red! I mean really, who wouldn't want a red freezer! To see how it was done, go HERE.


  1. Did you have to use a certain type of paint?

  2. What type of paint do you use? That looks like a high gloss oil but I wouldn't of thought that it could glue onto it so well?

  3. Definitely share the details of "how" because I have to do this to my garage freezer!

  4. For those wondering about how I did it, go to the post http://redesignreallife.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-it-was-done.html