Potting Bench

This is the pottng bench I decided to build on a whim. I needed one for all of my gardening, but didn't want to pay the money for one. Especially if I thought I could build one myself. So I drew out a little design, and then made my way to home depot. I bought my wood, had them cut a few of the pieces (did you know they cut it for free!), brought it home, and built my table during the girls naptime. It certainly isn't perfect, and I learned alot while building it. I know now what to do, and what not to do the next time I build one. But I can say I am pretty pleased with the finished product, and have used it LOTS! It also serves as a partial diving wall between our yard and the neighbors kitchen window! We live in Alley homes, so our yards are TINY, and because it is a newer house it is on a small lot, so we are VERY close to our neighbors. But it's our house, and we Love it!

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