All from a $5 walmart scarf

So last year, I found a few cute scarves at walmart for $5 each. I wish I took a picture of them, but I forgot, and didn't know I was going to use them like I did. I hope they have them again this year, because I will definately be getting other colors if they do. Anyways, last year I made a skirt out of one, and then used the extra fabric to convert an old pair of jeans into a long jean skirt. The girls loved them, and so did I. Then out of the other scarf (they were alot wider than I like to wear them), I made a scarf for myself, and then 2 smaller scarves for the girls. We have enjoyed their use LOTS! Today for church we had fun playing with our homemade goodies! It's fun how just a few accessories can make an outfit completely different!

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