Dollarstore finds.

I was needing some cute containers for a fall piece on my table. And I have always wanted to try the E-6000 glue I bought at Joannes. So I headed to the Dollartree to see what I could find. I picked up a few glass containers, some candlesticks, and some leaves. I was going to make 3 huricane type pieces, but remembered I need to raise my little dome by my kitchen window. So i decided to use one of the candle sticks on it, and I am glad I did. To use the E-6000 glue, just put it wound the rim of the candlestick, and glue it to the bottom of the container of your choice. I turned it upside down to do the glueing. Let it dry overnight, and you have yourself a hurricane. Also, the glue dries completely clear, so if you do a good job on gluing, you won't be able to see it at all.

On a side note, don't you just love my nest?! I'd tell you how to make one of your own, but it may or may not work. First you have to plant some sort of bush. Then you have to allow for a bird to find it's way there, and make a nest! Then you watch it as it lays it eggs, hatches them, and feeds them, and then flies away. Now you have successfully made yourself and authentic birdsnest! I still have to find some real looking eggs to put in it, but I like it by itself as well.


  1. you are so creative elisa! i love your beauty parlor, it makes me wish i cut hair :)

  2. elisa- you are just AMAZING! this blog is great. i should have one... i think we could totally destroy some $ stores and thrift stores together. those places are the bomb! last month i did the E-6000 glue trick with a few items and i have more to do once life settles. anyway- i wanted to tell you that it's fun to see someone else re-create or fix things up! you are REALLY pushing my desire even greater to get my banister (which is like yours) to be all white... it's been 3 years that i've been wanting to do that is all. anyway... i could prob blab more! love creative people!