Painting Project 5

Sorry for the random before picture. It was all I could find of the dresser that used to be shoved in the closet. It never opened that well, and was used to hold random stuff. I thought I had taken a better before picture, but couldn't find it, so you can at least see the color, and black handles.
Here is the after. After many coats of primer and white paint, we were able to cover the very glossed stain. I sanded down the rails on the drawers so they would slide easier, and I also had to flip the bottoms of the drawers. When it was orgininally built by my husbands younger brother, he had put the nice smooth white sides down, and the ruff brown sides up. Clothes would always get caught and snagged, so to make it a little more useable, I had to switch it all around. But now it is in good working condition. I used a green spray paint that matched the walls to paint the handles, a toy basket, and a laundry basket.

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