A little more fabric

In our Bedroom, we have some black curtians. These help keep the light out when my husband is sleeping during the day.  (His job requires it!) Anyways, when we put up the curtain rod it was originally stretched too far, and we have just never (in 3 years) done anything to fix it. The other problem, is that when the drapes were closed all the way, light would still peek in the sides a little. I have been wanting to do something about it for awhile, and today I came up with an idea. I had 2 king size pillowcases that matched our duvet cover that I have never used, so I took them apart, and made 2 end  panels to add the to curtains. It helps bring in the duvet cover (matching) a little better, and helps alot with the light issue. I had to add a little black fabric to the end so the panels would all be the same length, but I think it blends in just fine. And it is just along the bottom, so it could easily look intentional!

 Here is the before (not long enough for the rod)
And here is the After: Fits much better!

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