I made these aprons for my nephews to use at art aprons, or cooking aprons. They Love to do crafts and cook with their mom. It was very easy to make, and a very simple pattern. I didn't use a pattern, so here is a little tutorial on what I did.
First, find a piece of fabric you want to use, and lay it out flat.
 Second, Cut the side to where the neck will go up, and the sides will go under the arms (I just did what i thought looked about right).
 Third, fold in half to cut other side, so you know it will be even.
 Fourth, Cut a pocket, and 4 straps. use whatever size you want.
 Fifth, sew the pocket onto the apron, sew and turn your straps, and then pin to the front of the fabric.
 Sixth, Lay the back (right sides together) ontop of the fron piece, and pin in place. Sew around the edge of the apron, leaving an opening on top.
 Seventh, see the opening, now turn the apron inside out through the opening.
 Eighth, sew the opening closed, and top stitch along the outer edge of the apron.
 Tenth, Try them on your kids (or you if you make a larger version) and start cooking!

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