Painting Project 4

When my oldest (who is now 4) was an infant, we had purchased this bee shelf to go in her nursery. At the time I was against pink (but now it is her FAVORITE color, and i just had to give in since she has such a strong opinion!). Anyways, I have kept the shelf thinking I sould someday use it in a baby boys room (if I ever had one). Luckily for me, we have one coming in June!
I still liked the bee, but needed it a little simpler since there are alot of other patterns going on. So we painted plain white over the yellow plaid, and his sister picked out the prince frog to put on the shelf. She was really excited to help me, so I let her have this one decorating idea. The colors matched so I was ok with it. She points it out whenever we are in the nursery.

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