The finished Nursery

Here is a little reminder of what this room once looked like. It was awhile ago, but it did look like this.
 And here is the after!
 I Love the dog painting, mainly because my great grandmother painted it. I have had it for years, and haven't really had the right place for it, but I think it goes well in a baby boys room. And I love using and reusing old things, and giving them new life.
I can't seem to find the picture I took of the cute quilt my mom is making. But I will post pictures as soon as I take another! I LOVE it, and it really ties all the colors together nicely.
 Remember THESE guys? Well,since then, I have made 2 more, then this little guy joined the group to make a total of 8. And in a few short weeks, I will be needing to make 1 more! I have made them for all my children, and all my neices and nephews. It's kind of just a fun little quirky monkey that they can play with till it falls apart, or just keep it forever, but each is handstitched with a heart and my name on the bum, so they know who it's from. It's just a fun think I like to do!
 Sorry little guy, but mommy had to take over your closet, so you won't be able to hang up all your dresses! J/K, I am glad this is a boys room, since their clothes don't require hanging up. And the few that do can find a home in his sisters closet next door.
 I know it is a little early for this, but I like to plan ahead, and since I was getting everything else out to clean and get ready, I went ahead and set up the bassinet as well. My babies usually only use the bassinet for a few short weeks, but we'll see how it goes this time. He may not be as grand of a sleeper as they were (sleeping 6 hours straight while nursing by 3 weeks old), but I am hoping he follows suit. And if that is the case, he will be in his own room, in his crib.


  1. Elisa,
    We are headed up your direction May 7th and we were hoping we could stop and see you guys. Congrats on the little boy too. How great is it to know you will have a boy? I don't have any of your info anymore besides your blog. So if you could email me back at nikkiking5@msn.com that would be great. Will talk to you soon. Nicole and Eric King

  2. It is SOOO Cute! I love the colors you picked, and that little dog painting is super adorable! How fun!!! I can tell you have been busy lately, to get all that closet done so fast! Isn't nesting crazy? I feel exhausted and full of energy all at the same time!