I finally did it! It only took about 3  months from start to finish. Well, there was ALOT of down time inbetween, because really the total project took me part of 1 day. That includes all the painting, and the chair rail. I am horrible with Before pictures. I thought I had one on file from along time ago, so I never took one before I started painting. But imagine all the walls beige. And the one surrounding the door brown (as an accent wall). Now, I  have a bright, bathroom, with stripes! I have been wanting to try them forever, and I  am still not sure my husband is so keen on them, but I love the way it turned out. And it is in a small room, so it isn't as overwhelming as it could be!

This project cost me a little under $30. It was around $20 for the chair rail, and another $7 for the Frog tape, which I would recommend to anyone! The lines are sooo straight, and the only places the paint bled, was the places I didn't press the tape down enough in. It makes touchup non existent if you do it correctly! And the paint was all leftovers. I really do enjoy using leftover paint!

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