The Closet Office

Once upon a time, this room looked like this. Pretty ugly, I know.
 Then, it developed into a lovely craft room, all to itself!
 After time had passed, and much had been done in this space, it started to look a little like this ALL THE TIME! (yes, pretty sad) Then something magical happened, and a new baby was to be born, and needed a place to live.
 So..... the room had to be condensed into a little closet, soon to be know as the Closet office!
 And here is the halfway finished project! I have to come up with a more permanent closet door that will keep little fingers and toes, and curious minds out of my stuff! But I have a little while till this little man (who arrives in about 6 weeks) will be able to get into it. But it is still kindof on the top of my to do list. The folding table is also not permanent. It is just holding the space for my future work table I have yet to make. That will propably happen after this handsome little guy arrives as well. It will most likely be the dark wood color I stained the shelves that I built (they are hiding behind the curtains if you can't see them) are, and possibly big, white, chunky legs. Something sturdy! But I do like the 2 tone look, but we'll see when I actually make it how it turns out. But until then, this is doable. And let me tell you, it wasn't that easy fitting a whole room into a closet, but i did! And am very pleased with the outcome so far. It gets used almost daily, and will be used much more in the future as well.

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