Painting Project 1

The first painting project was this little bookshelf. It will be where the lamp ends up. along with storybooks, etc. next to the rocker. If you look at the post below, you can barely see it hidden in the messy closet. But it is on the right hand side, and you can kind of see the light oak color it was. Now, its BLUE! I have waited so long to use blue. Honestly, I swore my first one was boy, and was against pink. So my oldests nursery was red/green/yellow garden theme. I loved it and it was cute, but no pink! But when you have little girls who form opinions of their own and decide that their absolute favorite color in the whole wide world is pink, you can't help but incorporate it into their room a little. And the youngest, she just Loves pink so much because her older sister does. So we have plenty of pink around (even though there still isn't tons in their room, they definately have accents of it!). Anyways, enough rambling, we are excited for some blue!


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