I'm Back!

Ok, sorry for such a LONG break from my blog. I just have had no motivation to get anything other than taking care of my family and chores done. I know, LAME. But,along with pregnancy comes that shortage of energy. We are moving right along though now. We are about 18 weeks along and just found our we are having a BOY!! We are soo excited since we already have 2 darling girls. And along with the boy,comes lots of ideas for projects, since I only have girl things! And I get to redo a whole room!!!!! So, here is the first of one of my many projects going on at once. We needed a new rocker for the baby's room, but I didn't want to spend much. So i found this rocker on craigslist for $10. Then I bought 2 cans of spray paint to give it a fresh look, and feel a little more clean. Then I recovered it with some fabric I had laying around. Actually it was a duvet cover from Ikea that I LOVED, but my husband wasn't much of a fan. So, I have been keeping it to use for something... and this worked perfect. It has the same colors I will be using in the baby's room, but because it is my chair, I think it is ok to have some flowers.  The back pad  was basically falling down, and all bent up. So I made a big suport piece that follows the curve of the chair,and glued the cushion to it, and then put the cover on. It is much more sturdy now, and comfy! The backing I had was leftover from other projects. So... the grand toal was $10 for the chair + $6.48 for the paint = $16.48.

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