Dress to Skirt

Sorry to say, but i wasn't too impressed the recipe i was going to post that sounded delicous! I am finally starting to feel better, so i have started projects again! There are a few more that I have done that I can't post pictures of because they are presents for people who look at this blog! So here is my first official post of being back to work! (well, back to projects at least) I forgot to take process pictures, but i will explain what I did. I also haven't gotten a good after picture she would keep the headband on for. But I will work on that, and post one later.

Ok, this is how the dress started. It was a halter style, but was too snug around the ribs. there was lots of fabric on the lower section, because it had been gathered so it would flare. i wasn't able to give up the dress yet, because I loved the fabric, so i decided to change it into a skirt with matching headband. first i unattatched the halter part from the bottom, Then I just sewed the bottom to a piece of elastis I measured around my oldests waist, so they could both wear it. Reatached the ribbon to act as a belt when my younger one wears the skirt, and it was already hemmed! It was very easy and didn't take me long at all. Then I used the halter part to make the headband. Since it was double sided, all I had to do was sew it to my desired lenth, and then use the extra cut off fabric to make the flowers. They are just torn strips of fabric layered to look like a flower, and then a button placed in the middle. I made it long enough so I could wear the headband to, And it is super cute on both little girl and adult. I just may have to borrow it a time or two!


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