Quiet Books

Sorry I have been absent from posting. I have been feeling a little under the weather, and unmotivated lately, but I have still been busy. I had started this project like a year ago, made the covers, a few pages, and then stopped. Then finally I decided to just Work, work, work on them until they were done. So now I can say that I am done! We had an activity at church were they had ideas to use and follow a pattern (I think). But I do better without patterns. So I took a few of the ideas from church, and then did my own spin on the books. I made up my covers, made the pages bigger, and put them on rings instead of sewing them to the outside of the book. Some of the pages are the same, but different, and then some are completely different. I still have lots of ideas, but they are already kind of stuffed with fun stuff. The good thing about having them on the binder  rings is that I can change pages out when they get bored!We'll have to see on Sunday at church how well that hard work paid off. If they keep us QUIET, then I know it did!

The covers are made of flannel lined with interfacing to make them a little more sturdy, but they are still soft and bendable. I made handles so they could carry them easier. And added their initials so they knew which one was theirs. I have a feeling they are going to fight over them anyway, but maybe when they are older it will all work out!
 Here is a clock to practice numbers, and then some cool sewing games from the Target dollar section in the "extra stuff" pocket.
 This page has the flowers that are attatched with buttons. This way they can practive buttoning. And the show to practice tying shoes.
 Here is one of my own ideas. It is an oven and cupcakes. I should have used a shiny silver fabric to resemble a cookie sheet but I tried to make most of it using scrap fabric, so this was the closest I had.
 They can use the hot pad to take the cupcakes out of the oven to put in the right color on the tray.
 I found these little skirt purses at the dollar store that work great for storing their letter flashcards., and The glove was one of the original ideas when we made them at church.
 Here is another one I made up. A day at the beach. They have to get the items out of the beach bag and match it up with the word on the beach.
 Right now I only have one puzzle made up that covers the whole page, but the goal is to have 3.
 Here is a fun one I came up with for the purse. I wasn't sure what to put in it, and then decided to make some makeup out of felt and some interfacing. Then I use permanent markers and nail polish to make the colors of the makeup. And to the side of tht is 2 pockets that hold a notepad and pen to write letters.
 Then the letters can go in the mailbox! That was also one of the original ideas from our church activity.
 Here is another clock in the other book, just different colors.
 Once again, here are some repeat pages but in different colors.
 Same thing.
 Ok, here is a new one. I made the one up pf the tree with owls. Each owl is numbered and you are supose to match it with its number, and then the next page was from the class. It is a weaving game.
 And one last repeat, still different colors.
 Here is one of my girls LOVING the Busy/Quiet Book! Of course she chose to do her sisters book, and not hers, even though hers has more pages!
I am not sure why, but blogger put this out of order. Anyways, it is a matching shapes game, and then practicing snaps by taking the popcorn out of the bucket and snapping it to the dish. I will post more pages as I make more, but that may not be for awhile. I am kind of looking forward to quiet book break!


  1. ummm....I need you to make my kids one of these! PRONTO! :) hahahaha, so cute!

  2. I love your creative ideas! They look like they were a lot of fun creating and will bring a lot of joy and keep busy hands busy! Great Job!!